Tradename Products and Capabilities

Our tradename products are designed to cover a broad spectrum of high-performance applications, each designed with its own unique characteristics. Each product was developed to answer a specific customer requirement. Contact our design team to discuss your toughest wire and cable challenges; we specialize in custom solutions for your unique application.

Does your product require high axial strength under extreme conditions like operating rooms and trauma centers? NEWtuf® custom cables deliver peak jacket strength three times that of conventional silicone rubber jacketed cables.

NEWtuf® jackets help eliminate damage from pulling and stretching, yet maintain flexible even after repeated exposure to high temperatures, solvent sterilization and autoclaving. While tougher than conventional silicone rubber, NEWtuf® jackets can be easily stripped with standard equipment.

Commonly used in power conversion and other applications requiring additional voltage-withstand, our specialty transformer winding wires (to UL 60950 Annex U and VDE IEC 60950) are available in supplementary and reinforced constructions.

NEWind® Specialty Winding Wire solves the problem of damage to the insulation between winding turns by coating the conductors with multiple thin layers of insulation so defects in any one layer will not reduce insulation ability. The result? You can manufacture smaller, less costly motors and transformers because there is no need for additional interleaved insulation.

Class F (155˚C) is our electrical insulation system of high-performance winding wire products designed to meet UL 1446 Electrical Insulation System for double- and triple-insulated winding wires.

NE-F1® features a wide variety of bobbin materials, tapes, sleeving, potting compounds and varnishes. This diverse selection of materials ensures that NE-F1® will be suitable for most Class F devices, thus reducing the need for multiple Electrical Insulation Systems.

Using highly controlled extrusion processes, we foam material with a low dielectric constant (2.0 - 2.6) to produce a dielectric medium with a high air concentration. This results in a significantly reduced dielectric constant (1.45 - 1.8) while providing the customer with the choice of reduced diameter and same attenuation or same diameter and reduced attenuation without sacrificing structural integrity.

New England Wire Technologies creates cables specifically designed to neutralize noise generated by mechanical shock and vibration and maximize critical signal quality in small-signal applications.

Our state-of-the-art low-noise cables can be found in a range of medical devices such as ECG, EEG and pulse oximetry equipment, as well as test and measurement tools including charge amplifiers, vibration analyzers and oscilloscopes. New England Wire Technologies’ engineers can design custom cables to meet all your performance requirements.

Our custom compound gives COLDflex Ground Cable™ the voltage rating, dielectric strength, temperature rating and flexibility to make handling easy — even at temperatures as low as -40˚C. This allows you to get grounding cables off the reel and quickly installed in cold weather.

Hyflex ™power distribution cables incorporate a uniquely designed, high per formance insulation specifically formulated for use in heavy duty diesel hybrid vehicles and high strand count, flexible conductors to produce cables ideally suited for applications where flexibility, long life and performance is critical.

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