Cables and Strands

New England Wire Technologies manufactures a broad range of flexible cables and strands which are used primarily in our specialty single and multiconductor cables. The uninsulated products are usually sold for use as motor brush leads, circuit breaker shunts and flexible bus bar.

The strands and cables listed in this section are made typically of bare or tinned copper wire but strands and cables for special purposes can be manufactured using silver-plated, pure silver, nickel-plated, pure nickel, stainless steel, monel or bronze as well as other metals and alloys.

We specialize in designing ropelay cables, concentric and miniature bunched strands that offer the ultimate in flexibility. These stranded constructions complement our specialty insulated wire products, where flexibility and extended flex-life are primary considerations.

Due to the widely diversified stranding and cabling process utilized by New England Wire Technologies, we are able to offer a broad range of special application items including round, rectangular and trapezoidal configurations of superconducting cables.

REINFORCED CABLES & STRANDS: Conductors with increased tensile strength achieved by twisting wires or groups of wires around a non-conductive strength member.

CUSTOM ROPELAY CABLES & BUNCHED STRANDS: Custom ropelay cable and bunch-stranded conductors manufactured to customer specifications. Detailed product description or a sample of the custom conductor required.

COPPER ALLOYS: High-strength copper alloys enabling increased tensile strength and extended flex-life as compared to conductors made with annealed copper.

Litz Wire and Formed Cables: Specialty conductors made up of individually film-insulated strands of copper or copper alloys. Additional information on Litz available here.

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