Custom Profiles

New England Wire Technologies has manufactures a wide variety of shaped cables: zip-cords, extruded ribbon cables, bonded ribbon cables, oval, rectangular and woven cables. Often used where ultimate flexibility in a flat or specific shape is required, our custom profile cables are designed and manufactured for your specific needs. And because we design and build the tooling in-house we excel in rapid in-process modification and quick-turn prototyping.

Whether the primary requirement is ability to sterilize, biocompatibility, fluid resistance extra flexibility, extended flex life, miniaturization, high or low temperature performance, low triboelectric noise, cut-through resistance, high tensile strength—or any combination—our huge inventory of conductor and insulation materials provide a perfect solution.

Ribbon Cables: Our unique ribbon cables combine multiple components within a highly flexible flat profile, precisely controlling the wire spacing, the insulation thickness and the overall cable shape. Typically manufactured using PVC, TPE, TPU or silicone rubber, our cables are highly customized using in-house tooling capabilities for consistent, reliable product designed to suit your application. Other ribbon cable options include solvent bonding of PVC conductors or UV bonding of various materials using an FDA approved adhesive for use in medical applications.

Zip-Cords: Zip-Cords are generally two components in parallel, or two multi-conductor legs laid parallel and intended to separate for easy termination. Our zip-cords are manufactured using extruded insulations; typically PVC, TPE, TPU or silicone rubber.

Woven Cables: A wide range of woven configurations is possible integrating a variety of conductor materials and insulation plastics.

Hybrid Cables: Our creative engineering staff can design cable incorporating dissimilar components to suit your specific requirements. We offer cables combining insulated conductors with one or more vent tubes, lumens, thermocouple leads, resistance wires, strength members or any combination of complex configurations.

Custom Braid Custom Shape Hybrid Woven Zip Ribbon

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