Custom Design Capabilities

New England Wire Technologies creates highly customized wire and cable products for a diverse range of medical, scientific and industrial industries; all are designed to meet the precise requirements of your most demanding specification. Every innovative solution our team devises—whether for custom cables, litz wire, multiconductor cable, hybrid cable, microminiature coax or high/low temperature wire—is developed working side by side with you from initial design and development to testing and manufacturing.

Custom Cable Design Form

The keys to our success in specialty wire manufacturing are the expertise and dedication of our workforce and the variety and flexibility of our equipment. Every machine operator is a skilled craftsman with the experience and knowledge to independently gather components, set-up machinery and monitor quality control—regularly completing several discreet production runs in a single work day. All processes are performed in-house from wire drawing down to 56 AWG, configuration of conductors, braiding, cabling, taping, extrusion and testing. And, since all of our proprietary manufacturing equipment and tooling is designed and built in our in-house machine fabrication shop we have total control—resulting in quick in-process modifications and excellent lead times.

With decades of experience under our belt, our teams of technical sales people, design, electrical, mechanical, chemical and process engineers, manufacturing and quality technicians work directly with manufacturers, R&D teams and OEMs to design, manufacture and test custom cable solutions for very specific applications.

As a manufacturer of custom wire and cable products, New England Wire Technologies prides itself in having an extensive raw materials inventory that meets the needs of most custom orders, however we gladly will special order products to meet your specific needs. And, because we draw much of our own wire (from 5/16” rod to 56 AWG) and build most of our own equipment and tooling, our lead times for custom cable are the shortest in the industry!

We begin with blue ribbon copper rod and every process from drawing, plating (tin, silver, nickel), bunching, cabling, braiding, shielding through extrusion are all performed under one roof.

Our on-site testing facilities are among the finest in the industry. Seasoned technicians in our state-of-the-art lab can test cables according to military or other custom specifications. We continually conduct research and testing to improve materials, processes and end products.

Our development lab stocks and maintains a wide range of color concentrates for numerous extruded insulations. In addition, we also hold a large inventory of non-standard color concentrates for targeted color matching to a customer-supplied physical target, and/or to established colors from our Pantone®, RAL, Munsell, and Federal Standard library. On-site milling capability and Color Eye XTH Spectrophotometer and molded plaque samples in various thicknesses assure your exact color match. Depending upon your requirements, we offer HMF (heavy metal free), RoHS, REACH, FDA, USP VI, ISO 10993-compliant color concentrates.

New England Wire offers a complete range of printing services including print wheel and ink jet printing. Our custom services can be used to imprint cable with your company name and logo or to meet requirements of UL/CSA. Custom ink colors are available for most applications as well.

The parylene grade used at New England Wire Technologies offers optimum lubricity compared to other options, and is an inert, biocompatible dry lubricant that resists heat, radiation, solvents, fungus and bacteria growth. The coating is bonded to the jacket material, and at 1m, it adds virtually nothing to final dimensions.

New England Wire Technologies stocks a wide range of melt flow and thermal-set insulation for extrusion in practically any color you can imagine! Depending upon your specific application, our technical staff can recommend the best insulation or combination of insulation for cables whether micro-miniature (<.001” in diameter) or very large (> 4 ½“ in diameter).

New England Wire is a world leader in the design and manufacture of multiconductor cable for specialty applications. Cables with requirements such as flexibility, extended flex life, high/low temperature performance, miniaturization and unusual combinations of conductor sizes or materials are made to order in both shielded and unshielded configurations.

Custom options include a huge selection of conductor materials and configurations, standard and custom shields, standard and specialty extrusion materials, exact color match, customized printing, agency approvals, custom validation and testing.

In 1898 New England Wire became the first US company to manufacture Litz wire on a commercial basis; since that time, we have designed and manufactured thousands of construction for use over the E.L.F. through H.F. frequency ranges. Typical applications for Litz conductors include high frequency inductors and transformers, inverters, communication equipment, ultrasonic equipment, sonar equipment, television and radio equipment and induction heating equipment. We have also provided cabling, insulating and other services to the superconductor industry since its inception in the early 1960s. Our products are also integrated into all the major accelerator projects, ore separator magnets, NMR magnets and superconducting magnetic energy storage magnets.

New England Wire manufactures formed or compacted cables with copper densities as high as ninety percent, which have been used in applications such as high-efficiency generators and linear motors. These cables are most often made with either bare copper or magnet wire and are formed to various profiles allowing for maximized fill factor in windings. In addition to wire, copper tubing used for cooling has been incorporated into some of our formed cable designs. Tape wraps and textile servings are available and in some cases extruded plastics are offered for additional voltage withstand.

For power distribution applications, flexible interconnect conductors are manufactured in sizes from microminiature up to 250 MCM including a range of rope lay constructions using bare as well as tinned-, silver- or nickel-plated copper, and high-strength alloys. Most commonly supplied in UL and CSA recognized PVC insulated constructions, our custom flexible interconnects combine our ultra fine-wire stranding technology with thin walls of nylon, polyethylene, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyester, silicone rubber, PVC, FEP, ETFE, PFA, and TPE. These are used in speaker interconnects, biomedical instruments, computers, and other products requiring miniature conductors with superior flexibility.

Our broad range of capabilities enables us to manufacture precision coaxial cables from microminiature 50 AWG to 8 AWG and larger in both custom and standard shielded, round or flat-wire braided and spiral or foil-wrapped constructions. Additionally we offer a large selection of dielectric materials including polyolefin, fluoropolymers, polyethylene, polypropylene, ETFE, FEP,PFA and PTFE (low density and solid) as well as many custom dielectrics such as our proprietary NEWcel® material. Custom microminiature and miniature coaxial cables can be manufactured in production runs as low as 1000 feet.

Flat, tubular,oval and round braids are manufactured to standard or custom specification using bare or tinned copper, silver or nickel plated, stainless steel, high strength alloys, textile or monofilament. Braided products can also be supplied with a variety of extruded insulations.

Our fine-wire technology enables us to specialize in the design of ropelay cables, concentric and miniature bunched strands that offer the ultimate in flexibility. These constructions complement our specialty insulated wire products, where flexibility and extended flex-life are primary considerations.

New England Wire Technologies has provided cabling, insulating and other services to the superconductor industry since the 1960’s. In fact, our products are integrated into most of the major accelerator projects, ore separator magnets, NMR magnets, and superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) magnets. We have experience with both low temperature and high temperature conductors, and we’re a world leader in Rutherford cabling of superconducting wire. We have the ability to apply polyimide tape, fiberglass tape, fiberglass textile braid, extruded ETFE insulation and engineered materials to all conductor configurations. Due to the widely diversified stranding and cabling processes utilized by New England Wire Technologies, we are able to offer a broad range of special application items including round, rectangular and trapezoidal configurations of superconducting cables.

Custom Coil Cords:

New England Wire Technologies manufactures specialty silicone rubber jacketed coil cords suitable for high temperature applications in-house. Our subsidiary companies also offer custom coiled cords made with New England Wire cable jacketed with PVC, Polyurethane, Polyester and TPE.

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