Signal Integrity

Signal Integrity
For most people the mention of USB or Ethernet brings to mind the cable that came with your digital camera or the one you use to connect your computer to your home network. What if you need to use USB in the operating room or in robotics or both?

New England Wire Technologies designs and manufactures cables that meet serial performance standards as well as your additional requirements of miniaturization, ruggedized, bio-compatible or multiple communication standards in one cable.

Additionally we can tailor and perform verification tests to the needs of the application. Will the impedance be maintained after thousands of flex cycles or after months in cryogenic temperatures? Will the eye diagram degrade over multiple uses and cleaning cycles?

With control over all manufacturing and design aspects including strand selection, coating type, dielectric materials used and shield type, we can maintain control over the electrical parameters and tailor the impedance, capacitance and attenuation to your specific requirements.

New England Wire Technologies is also ready to fully characterize our interconnects for your use and information. Skew, rise time and bandwidth can be measured and shared to help ensure your custom interconnects performance. 

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