• ITER cable

    Superconductor Cable

    Posted 23 August 2016 12:00 AM by Administrator

    New England Wire Technologies specializes in the manufacture of custom wire and cable products to meet exacting customer specification or unique performance requirements. We have provided cabling and insulating services to the superconducting industry since the 1960’s. In addition to supporting many of the U.S. National Laboratories, European Magnet Manufacturers and US Commercial Magnet Manufacturers, our products can be found in most of the major accelerator projects, ore separator magnets, NMR magnets and superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) magnets. We are also an ITER contractor.

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  • Biocompatible Cable

    Selecting Cable Jacket Material for Biocompatibility: Medical Electronics

    Posted 6 June 2016 12:00 AM by Administrator

    Choosing the type of cable jacket to be used in the design of medical electronics is one of the many difficult considerations medical device manufacturers face. Cable jackets are tasked with much more than simply insulating. Assuring the biocompatibility of cable jackets is a complex design issue that must be addressed.

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  • Low Noise Cable

    Why Low-Noise Cable

    Posted 3 June 2015 12:00 AM by Administrator

    New England Wire Technologies recognizes the importance of transmission line performance for maximizing signal quality. We offer several low-noise options (including our proprietary NEWtral® Low-Noise Cable) for small signal applications that undergo mechanical shock, vibration or repeated flexing.

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  • shield

    Do You Need a Shielded Cable?

    Posted 11 November 2014 5:00 AM by admin

    In many applications Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a threat to maintaining signal integrity. All electrical cable will radiate energy to, and pick up energy from its surroundings.  The use of proper shielding is essential to many applications as it can keep out unwanted external interference. This is of particular importance in small signal or high frequency applications where a slight variation can have significant impact. Shielding can also be used contain the electromagnetic energy radiated by a cable which can protect nearby sensitive components.

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  • Bunching and Cabling

    Why Custom Cable?

    Posted 24 September 2014 4:00 AM by admin

    A common question asked of the sales and engineering staff at New England Wire Technologies by those unfamiliar with our company is why a custom cable solution should be considered when there are so many off the shelf options out there. This is a very reasonable question and in some cases a standard product does make sense. However, when electrical device and component manufacturers stop to consider what properties would be ideal to meet the demanding requirements of their application and what level of service and quality they expect from their suppliers, the advantage of a custom cable solution from New England Wire Technologies becomes apparent.

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