Round Litz Wire

Litz wire, Round Litz Wire, New England Wire Technologies, New England Wire, Custom Litz Wire, Custom Litz wire manufacturer, shaped Litz wire, Litz Wire with over braidLitz wire construction Types 1 through 6 are all designed to be round and vary from a simple bunch of conductors (Type 1) to complex designs utilizing multiple cores and several manufacturing operations (Type 6). The smaller constructions of Litz Wire Types 1 and 2 are typically used in High Q circuitry, such as toroidal coils and transformers. The larger Type 2 and Type 3 Litz wire designs have greater current carrying capacities necessary for high frequency power supply, inverter and grounding applications. Types 4, 5 and 6 Litz wire constructions all utilize at least one inert core and are used primarily in tuning circuitry for high power radio transmitters.

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S = single-film coating thickness
H = heavy-film coating thickness

SN = single nylon serving
DN = double nylon serving
SNB = single nylon braid
DNB = double nylon braid
PVC = extruded polyvinylchloride