Our in-house technical staff assists engineers and scientists around the world in the development, design and manufacture of the most technologically advanced wire and cable products in the industry…most to exacting customer specification. We draw on our broad range of manufacturing capabilities and in-depth knowledge of conductor and insulation materials to design and manufacture custom cables that deliver precisely what you're looking for--low noise, high flexibility, extended flex life, miniaturization, high/low temperature performance or resistance to oils and corrosive chemicals with short lead times, rapid prototyping and unparalleled customer service.

Custom Options include a huge selection of conductor materials and configurations, standard and custom shields, standard and specialty extrusion materials, exact color match, customized printing, agency approvals, custom validation and testing.

Custom Profiles - Our custom profile cables are used where ultimate flexibility is needed in a flat or specific shape; excellent for use in limited spaces where conventional round cables may not fit. Most tooling is designed and manufactured in-house, allowing for complete control over the design while offering rapid in-process modification for quick-turn prototyping.

Micro Miniature & Miniature Coax - Our broad range of capabilities enables us to manufacture precision coaxes with conductor sizes as small as 48 AWG. With countless material and plating options, dielectric thickness less than .001” and a wide range of dielectric materials engineered for various temperature and performance properties, our coaxes are manufactured to meet the exacting electrical requirements requested by our customers.

Low Noise/Signal Integrity - In small signal applications it is essential to utilize transmission lines which limit noise. This is particularly difficult in applications where a cable experiences mechanical shock, vibration, or repeated flexing during use. To combat these concerns New England Wire Technologies offers several low noise options including our proprietary NEWcel® Foamed Dielectrics—a closed-cell foamed dielectric material specifically designed to reduce dielectric constant and dissipation factor yielding low-capacitance, low-loss, high V.O.P. ultra-miniature coaxial, triaxial and twinaxial cables.

We recognize the importance of transmission line performance for maximizing signal quality in high-frequency applications. We design and manufacture custom data transmission cables to match the characteristic impedance, capacitance and attenuation requirements of the specific application.

Ultraflexible Cables - The combination of finely stranded conductors and thin-wall extrusions allows for production of cables with extreme flexibility. Ultraflexible cables are ideally suited where unrestricted motion of an instrument is vital for installation.

Extended Flexlife Cables - High-strength alloys, in both stranded and tinsel conductor configurations, combined with abrasion resistant plastic insulators result in cable products with superior flexlife characteristics. Extended flexlife cables are typically specified for applications where high reliability in repeated motion operations is required.

Extreme Temperatures - Our wide range of stocked insulation materials provide protection for cables used in high temperature and low temperature environments. Insulations such as FEP, PFA, ETFE, COLDflex™ and silicone rubber provide excellent high and low temperature protection allowing us to manufacture cables designed to accommodate temperatures from cryogenic to 450°C and higher.

Hybrid Cables - Our creative engineering staff can design cable incorporating dissimilar components to suit your specific product requirements. We can design cables combining insulated conductors with one or more vent tubes, lumens, thermocouple leads, resistance wires, strength member, litz wire, magnet wire, resistance wire, fiber optics or any combination of complex configuration.

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