NEWtuf® Reinforced Silicone Rubber Cables

Designed for the Unique Demands of the Medical Device Industry

Silicone rubber is the material of choice for ultra-flexible, autoclave sterilizable medical device cables. Silicone on its own, however, has a physical weakness that can lead to stretching, distortion or breakage after repeated wiping or physical cleaning. NEWtuf® reinforced silicone jackets overcome this concern without impacting biocompatibility, flexibility, heat resistance, sterilization, dimensional requirements or strippability.

NEWtuf® reinforced jackets provide three times the tensile strength of silicone rubber and limit elongation distortion to a fraction of a percent. Unlike conventional silicone jacketed cables, your NEWtuf® reinforced cable can be repeatedly handled and wiped while maintaining its original appearance and performance.

Performance Characteristics and Custom Design Options

  • Optimum Pull Strength
  • FDA, USP, ISO 10993 Biocompatibility
  • Sterilization / Autoclave
  • 150° C / 300V UL AWM Styles
  • Parylene or SLEEK™ Coating Options
  • RoHS, REACH Compliance
  • BPA, ADM, Latex Free

Material Properties
Property Conventional NEWtuf® Competitor
Elongation 5 lbf 86% 0.03% 2.0%
Elongation 20 lbf 490% 1.0% 20%


Figure 1: When force is applied, NEWtuf® exhibits very little elongation unlike conventional silicone rubber jackets.


Figure 2: A comparison of the performance of NEWtuf® vs. competing reinforced jackets proves NEWtuf® to be superior.

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