Parylene Coating

Parylene coating is recommended for applications demanding a highly flexible cable with a slippery, easily cleaned surface. Our custom-coating operation can apply a permanently bonded uniform film of 1µm thickness (or otherwise as specified) and our skilled technicians produce beautifully crisp masked edges, which lead to superior aesthetic quality and securely bonded overmolded strain reliefs and connectors. The silky surface of coated cables does not tangle, tug on skin, hair or fabric; it does not attract debris, and is far easier to clean than conventional silicone or TPE jacketed cables.

The parylene grade used at New England Wire Technologies offers optimum lubricity compared to other options, and is an inert, biocompatible dry lubricant that resists heat, radiation, solvents, fungus and bacteria growth. The coating is bonded to the jacket material, and at 1m, it adds virtually nothing to final dimensions. Combine NEWtuf® reinforced silicone and our custom parylene coating for optimum performance & longevity.

Performance Characteristics and Custom Design Options:

  • Low friction (comfortable, ergonomic surface)
  • Biocompatible / inert transparent polymer
  • Sterilization / Autoclave stable
  • Extremely thin coating, no build to jacket OD
  • Crisp masked edges allow for durably bonded connections
  • Custom masking and thickness specifications readily incorporated into our process

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Parylene Coating