Agency Approvals

New England Wire Technologies carries a variety of approvals from several internationally recognized certifying bodies such as UL, CSA and VDE to ensure our cables meet customer requirements.

Whether you require an agency approval such as a particular UL style or simply need the cable to be manufactured to the intent of a particular approval, New England Wire Technologies will design and manufacture custom cable for your exact application.

We maintain an extensive list of UL/CSA approved materials having obtained over 450 UL Style approvals for appliance wiring materials, power/circuit cables, electrical wire and cables, flexible cords, fixture wire and communications cables. Our approvals include single and multiconductor cables with PVC, ETFE, FEP, PFA, silicone rubber, polyethylene and polypropylene insulation ranging from 2 mil walls up to 145 mil walls. Included in our approvals are cables up to 1000 volts and temperature rated to 300°C. Additionally we have approvals from coaxes to 600 volts and 105°C, coil cords and braided singles.

The range of CSA approvals on file include cables with PVC, polyethylene, polyurethane, silicone rubber and fluoropolymers in various voltage and temperature ratings as well as VDE certificates for ETFE, FEP and PFA insulated transformer wires.

Please contact our technical design team to discuss your specific application. If we do not have the approval that you require we will be happy to work with you to obtain it. Our long-term relationships with these certifying bodies allow us to provide quick solutions in the event we have to pursue additional approvals. Our sales and engineering teams excel at working with customers to ease them through the certification process with the goal of providing total satisfaction.