Whether you have an exacting specification for your medical cable or need us to design for unique performance characteristics, we are up for the challenge! We specialize in custom multiconductor, low-noise, high temperature, vented, hybrid and custom profile cables —all designed, manufactured and tested in-house. From wire drawing to conductor configuration, braid, shield and taping through to extrusion, we stock a huge range of raw materials to meet the specific requirements of our customer, however we are always willing to expand our horizons and develop processes for new materials. In addition to unparalleled customer service, advanced extrusion expertise and extensive wire processing capabilities our in-house machine and tooling fabrication guarantee rapid prototyping, quick in-process modifications and the shortest lead times in the industry.

Custom multiconductor cables utilize a range of conductor, shielding and insulation materials. Typical design characteristics include finely stranded conductors for ultimate flexibility, extended flex-life and resistance to fatigue, miniaturization, high or low temperature performance, low triboelectric noise and signal integrity.

New England Wire offers a wide variety of Custom Profile cables: zip cords, extruded or bonded ribbon cables, oval, rectangular and woven cables. Tooling is designed and manufactured in-house, allowing for complete control over the design while offering rapid in-process modification for quick-turn prototyping.

Hybrid Cable is designed to meet your application requirements. Our creative engineering team incorporate dissimilar components, combining insulated conductors with one or more vent tubes, lumens, thermocouple leads, resistance wires, strength members or any combination of complex configuration.

Parylene coating offers medical device manufacturers cables with optimum lubricity compared to other options, and is an inert, biocompatible dry lubricant that resists heat, radiation, solvents, fungus and bacteria growth while adding virtually nothing to the final dimension.

New England Wire offers several Low-Noise options for small signal applications that undergo mechanical shock, vibration or repeated flexing typical in medical device applications.

Our Miniature and Microminiature Coaxial Cables are designed to meet the particular impedance, capacitance or other exacting electric requirements of medical device and electronics manufacturers.

NEWtuf® Reinforced Silicone Rubber Cables provide three times the tensile strength of silicone rubber and limit elongation distortion.

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