Litz Wire and Formed Cables

The term “Litz,” derived from the German word “Litzendraht” describes a conductor consisting of separately insulated strands twisted or braided together. This design equalizes the flux linkages and reactance of the individual strands causing the current to spread uniformly throughout the conductor. The resistance ratio (A.C. to D.C.) then tends to approach unity, which is desirable in all high-Q circuit applications.

In 1898, New England Wire became the first company in the United States to manufacture Litz wire on a commercial basis. Since then we have produced thousands of cables for use in high frequency inductors and transformers, inverters and induction heating equipment, communication, ultrasonic, sonar, television and radio equipment, positioning ourselves as a pioneering leader in the design and manufacture of Litz wire and specialty winding wire. We have also provided cabling, insulating and other services to the superconductor industry since its inception in the early 1960s. Our products are integrated into major accelerator projects, ore separator magnets, NMR magnets, and superconducting energy storage magnets.

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