Tradename Products

Our trade name products are designed to cover a broad spectrum of high-performance applications, each with its own unique characteristics. For example…

  • NEWtuf® cables are typically used in medical applications due to their high axial tensile strength, superior flexibility and ease of sterilization.
  • NEWind® Winding Wire eliminates the need for separate ground, interwinding and turn insulation in transformers, motor and coil designs. NE-F1 Insulation System is our UL approved electrical insulation system of high-performance winding wires.
  • NEWtral® low noise cables neutralize noise generated by mechanical shock and vibration.
  • NEWcel® is a closed-cell foamed material that provides a significantly reduced dielectric constant in ultra-miniature coaxial, twinaxial and triaxial cables.
  • And, our COLDflex Ground Cable® makes handling easy even in harsh weather conditions.

Our design team will tackle your toughest wire and cable challenges; we specialize in custom solutions for your unique requirements!

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