Medical Braiding

Medical Braid New England Catheter Corporation, a subsidiary of New England Wire Technologies, draws on a unique combination of core technologies to design and produce high quality, custom medical braiding. We excel at multiple-strand, fine wire stainless steel braids for flexible fiber optic scopes. We stock stainless steel wire from .0015” to .010” in diameter and flat wire from .0005”x.002” to .005”x.030”; our capabilities include 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 48 carrier braids in hard or soft temper. Braid configurations having angles from 20° to 70°, diameters from .030” to 1.00” and coverage up to 95% are quite common.

Braided material is typically fine wire or flat wire in all tempers; however, we also have the capability to braid high-strength fiber and monofilament. We are proud to have the most extensive braiding and wire handling capabilities to be found at a catheter manufacturer anywhere and have low minimum quantity order requirements for bulk or cut lengths, depending upon your needs.

Call our design staff at New England Catheter at 603-838-2261 or visit to get started on your project.

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