ExtrusionNew England Wire Technologies stocks a wide range of melt flow and thermal-set insulation for extrusion in practically any color you can imagine! Depending upon your specific application, our technical staff can recommend the best insulation or combination of insulation for cables whether micro-miniature (<.001” in diameter) or very large (> 4 ½“ in diameter).

Primary insulation, applied directly onto conductors, are generally hard insulation that will resist deformation and damage possible during cabling or other subsequent processing operations ensuring a high measure of quality both for safety considerations and electrical performance. Typical primary insulation stocked at New England Wire include polyolefin, PVC, polyester, fluoropolymer and silicone rubber, each with their own unique characteristics.

Jacket insulation compounds are typically more flexible materials chosen to best suit the end application—again, each with their own unique properties. Among the compounds stocked by New England Wire are PVC, polyurethane, thermoplastic elastomer, silicone rubber, polyester and fluoropolymer.

What’s new at NEW……

New England Wire Technologies now offers 300° C fluoropolymer insulation and jacket material for ultra-high temperatures and harsh environments!  This new capability taps the highest temperature rated plastic currently available in the UL Plastics-Component database worldwide, and opens traditional design boundaries and expands currently available options for wire and cable.  New England Wire’s unique range of small and large fluoropolymer extrusion capabilities, combined with this material’s outstanding chemical resistance properties, longer life at higher temperatures, improved permeation resistance, and low flammability are all characteristics that make 300° C material an excellent choice when designing for extreme conditions.

For more information regarding 300° C fluoropolymer extrusions and how they can be advantageous to your design or application, please Contact Us.

New England Wire Technologies also has developed several proprietary products that enhance the extrusion of our cables.

  • NEWcel® Foamed Dielectric used to produce better electrical properties than standard insulation materials.
  • NEWtral® Low-Noise Cable designed to neutralize noise generated by mechanical shock/vibration and maximize signal quality in small-signal applications.
  • NEWtuf® Reinforced Jackets are silicone reinforced jackets specifically designed to provide high axial tensile strength while maintaining superior flexibility and high temperature performance.

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