Design Development Assistance

Design Development AssistanceOur team loves to show off their engineering skills, and with good reason - they’re the best in the business! With decades of research, testing and development under our belt, New England Wire Technologies is uniquely qualified to offer custom design, development, testing and manufacture of specialty wire products using a wide variety of materials and processes.

Every innovative solution our team devises – whether for custom cables, litz wire, multiconductor cable, hybrid cable, microminature coax or high/low temperature wire – is developed working side by side with customers from industrial, medical, scientific, robotics or audio companies until the right custom solution to their complex technical design challenge is met.

As a manufacturer of custom wire and cable products, New England Wire Technologies prides itself in having an extensive raw materials inventory that meets the needs of most custom orders, however we gladly will special order products to meet your needs. And, because we draw much of our own wire (from 5/16” rod to 56 AWG) and build most of our own equipment and tooling, our lead times for custom cable are the shortest in the industry!

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