Custom Profiles and Forming

Custom Profiles and FormingNew England Wire Technologies ONLY manufactures custom designed cable…and custom profiles are a favorite! Our experienced technical staff works directly with the customer to design a product meeting their individual requirements before it is sent to our R&D engineers who will supervise manufacturing to completion. All processes are in-house from wire drawing down to 56 AWG, configuration of the conductors, braiding, cabling, taping, extrusion and testing. And, since all of our proprietary equipment and tooling is designed and built in-house, we have complete control—resulting in quick in-process modifications and excellent lead times.

Whether your application calls for zip-cords, ribbon cables (extruded or bonded), oval, rectangular, trapezoidal, square, hybrid or woven cable…we are up for the challenge! Our large selection of conductor and insulation materials is suitable for applications requiring sterilization, biocompatibility, and fluid resistance. These cables can be designed for extra flexibility, extended flex life, miniaturization, high or low temperature performance, low triboelectric noise, cut- through resistance and high tensile strength.

New England Wire Technologies also manufactures formed, or compacted, cables, with copper densities as high as 90 percent, which have been used in applications such as high-efficiency generators and linear motors.

These cables are most often made with either bare copper, or magnet wire, and are formed to various profiles, which allow our customers to maximize the fill factor of their windings. In addition to wire, copper tubing used for cooling has been incorporated into some of our formed cable designs.

Tape wraps and textile servings are available and in some cases extruded plastics are offered for additional voltage withstand.

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Custom Profiles and Forming Custom Profiles and Forming