Braiding and Shielding

Braiding and ShieldingNew England Wire Technologies is well known in the industry as a manufacturer of high-quality braided wire products…stand-alone braided products as well as a broad range of flexible cables and strands which are used primarily in our specialty single and multi-conductor cables. We offer a full range of conductive materials including bare, tinned, nickel and silver plated copper, alloy, pure nickel or silver, various stainless steels, Monel® and bronze as well as textiles (nylon, cotton, fiberglass, Aramid, Polyester) and monofilament.

Stand-alone braided products include:

  • Braid – manufactured using 30-44 AWG single end wire with .012” or larger ID.
  • Shielding Braids – shielding added over previously purchased cable or assembled cable bundles.
  • Flat Braids – braided conductors flattened to use as ground straps or flat power leads.
  • Single Thickness Braids – non-tubular braids that are half the thickness of normal flat braids used primarily as static drain wires.
  • Toll Braiding – uses customer supplied wire and/or core to be shielded using metals, textile or monofilament.
  • Scope Braids – stainless steel braids used as reinforcement of medical imaging products.
  • Braid Reinforced Tubing – thin-wall extrusion combined with fine wire braiding for use in catheters and working channels.

Products can be shielded using braid, spiral shield, served or foil wrap techniques.

  • Braiding – interwoven covering using round or flat metallic wire, textile or monofilament.
  • Spiral Shield/Served – helically wrapped around .004” to .375” core using 30-44 AWG round wire, textiles or monofilaments.
  • Foil Wrap – metallic foil laminated to a thermoplastic layer wrapped around a core with overlap.

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