Low Noise

Low NoiseIn small signal applications it is essential to utilize transmission lines which limit noise. This is particularly difficult in applications where a cable experiences mechanical shock, vibration, or repeated flexing during use. To combat these concerns New England Wire Technologies offers several low noise options designed to maintain signal integrity.

The Triboelectric Effect is a process by which dissimilar materials can acquire an electric charge through contact. In wire and cable this effect can alter baseline voltage levels or the insulation can act as a capacitor temporarily storing the charge until it is released as a voltage spike. Careful material selection, special manufacturing techniques and the addition of conductive layers to dissipate the charge can reduce noise and significantly improve performance.

With traditional cable, simply flexing or twisting can generate voltage spikes with magnitudes in the tens of millivolts. Cables utilizing our NEWtral® low noise extrusions and coatings typically see voltage spikes decreased to the microvolt range. New England Wire will work with you to select the low noise option best suited to your application.

Design Considerations

  • NEWtral® Low Noise Options:
    • Extrusion
      • Conductive extrusion options include: Polyolefin, ETFE, PVC and Silicone Rubber
      • Easy to strip mechanically
      • Increases cable diameter
    • Coating
      • Must be stripped chemically – citrus, MEK, isopropyl alcohol
      • Minimal increase in diameter
    • Custom Features:
      • High temperature
      • Ultra Flexible
      • Miniaturization
      • Mechanically Strippable

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Low Noise