Custom IS the standard at New England Wire Technologies.

New England Wire Technologies specializes in the design and manufacture of sophisticated wire and cable products for a diverse customer base. With our broad range of materials and process capabilities custom options are the standard. We maintain complete in-house control of the entire manufacturing process from the raw material through specialty finishing and testing. Our in-house capabilities include wire drawing and plating, multiple cabling, stranding, braiding and spiral shielding options, a wide selection of tapes and binders for color coding and/or isolation, conductor and jacket extruding, specialty printing, cable coiling and testing.

Need an exact strand diameter or a ½ AWG size? We have mixed strand sizes and materials in finished strand to meet a highly defined criteria set of diameter, tensile strength and conductivity. Mixed multiple single end AWG sizes and planetary cabled zip cords around a core are just a couple of the unique ways we can construct cable to meet desired function.

Our development lab stocks a wide range of color concentrates for numerous extruded insulations. In addition, we also maintain a huge inventory of non-standard color concentrates for targeted color matching to a customer-supplied physical target and/or to established colors from our Pantone, RAL, Munsell and Federal Standard library. Depending upon your requirements, we offer HMF (heavy metal free), RoHS, REACH, FDA, USP VI, ISO 10993-compliant color concentrates.

New England Wire Technologies also offers a complete range of printing services including print wheel and ink jet printing. Our custom services can be used to imprint cable with your company name and logo or to meet requirements of UL/CSA. Custom ink colors are available for most applications as well.

Send us your wish list today! We’ll work with you every step of the way to design a cable specifically for your application.

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