Why accept a standard product for your custom application?

New England Wire Technologies has the capability to design, manufacture, and test a wide range of coaxial cable to meet the custom needs for a variety of industries. Our coaxes are manufactured to meet the particular impedance or capacitance values requested by our customers and are tailored to the needs of the specific application.

Miniature and micro-miniature coaxial cable from New England Wire meet the demanding requirements of the medical and industrial world with custom options for the center conductor, dielectric, shield, and jacket. Examples include high strength alloy conductors for superior flex life and foamed dielectrics for reduced size and attenuation. By utilizing high quality low dielectric constant materials we are able to reduce size without sacrificing signal integrity. In addition, New England Wire Technologies has the capability to combine multiple coaxes with other components into larger composite cable. With short lead times and low minimum quantities New England Wire customer coaxial cable is the superior choice.


Capabilities Include:

  • Conductors:
    • Our full range of conductor materials are available including bare copper, plated copper, and high strength alloy
    • Typically stranded for improved flexibility
    • Miniature (24-32 AWG) and Micro-Miniature (34-44 AWG) sizes available
  • Dielectric:
  • Shield:
    • Typically designed for 90% Minimum Coverage
    • Options include braid, spiral, aluminum foil or a combination thereof
  • Jacket:
    • Material selected based on application
  • Custom Design Considerations:
    • Ultra flexible
    • High flex life
    • High temperature
    • Fluid and chemical resistant
    • Low-noise
    • UL AWM rating
    • Halogen Free
    • Biocompatible
    • And more…
  • Applications:
    • Digital Imaging
    • Electrosurgical
    • Antenna leads
    • Ultrasound
    • Audio/video
    • Patient Monitoring
      • ECG
      • EEG
      • Pulse Oximetry

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