Why accept a standard product for your custom application? Manufacturing miniature coaxial cable that requires precision equipment and a depth of expertise that has been the hallmark of New England Wire Technologies since our founding.

We recognize the importance of transmission line performance for maximizing signal quality in high-frequency systems. Instead of matching the system to the cable, we design and manufacture custom coaxial cables to match the characteristic impedance, capacitance and attenuation requirements of the specific application. We also offer coaxial cables for more common applications that can be added to composite cable configurations.

Our broad range of capabilities enables us to manufacture precision coaxial cables from microminiature 50 AWG to 8 AWG and larger in both custom and standard shielded, round or flat-wire braided and spiral or foil-wrapped constructions. Additionally we offer a large selection of dielectric materials including polyolefin, fluoropolymers, polyethylene, polypropylene, ETFE, FEP,PFA and PTFE (low density and solid) as well as many custom dielectrics such as our proprietary NEWcel® material. Custom microminiature and miniature coaxial cables can be manufactured in production runs as low as 1000 feet. 

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