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    Our custom Litz, braids, cables & strands, ultra flexible single, multiconductor & coaxial cables are manufactured to meet exacting specifications for the medical, automotive, communications, computer, industrial electronics, robotics, and high-energy physics industries.

> Multiconductors

New England Wire Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacture of multiconductor cable for specialty applications. Our broad range of capabilities and wide selection of conductor and insulation materials allow us to design cable to meet the most demanding specification.
Custom ProfileCustom Profiles
New England Wire Technologies offers a wide variety of shaped cables, zip-cords, extruded or bonded ribbon cables, oval, rectangular and woven cables as well as cables incorporating dissimilar components.
Litz and Formed CablesLitz and Formed Cables

Our expertise in manufacturing Litz wire is unmatched for specialty applications such as high frequency inductors and transformers, inverters, communications equipment and ultrasonic and sonar equipment.
superconductor ITER Superconductor
A world leader in the Rutherford cabling of superconductors, we have worked with the most prestigious research laboratories in the world.
Power Leads and Flexible Interconnects Power Leads and Flexible Interconnects

New England Wire Technologies manufactures single and multiconductor cables in sizes up to 250 MCM. Our flexible interconnects are commonly supplied in UL and CSA recognized insulated constructions but can also be insulated with other materials.

Audio and VideoAudio and Video
We work with high-end audio and video manufactures to design custom cable that delivers the highest quality sound and pictures possible.
Braids, Cables and StrandsBraids, Cables and Strands
Flat, tubular and round braids are manufactured to standard or custom specification and can be supplied with a variety of extruded insulations. Our fine-wire technology enables the manufacture of uninsulated strands and ropelay cables in various gauges and conductor materials.
Military and AerospaceMilitary and Aerospace
New England Wire Technologies is a Registered Defense Contractor with a long history of supplying mission critical cables to the military and aerospace industries. We are an ITAR Registered vendor.
Coaxial CablesCoaxial Cables
In addition to manufacturing coaxial cable, we also offer a selection of custom options--miniaturization, high strength alloys, biocompatibility and flexibility are but a few.
Whether you have an exacting specification for your medical cable or need us to design for unique performance characteristics, we are up for the challenge!