PVC Insulated Power Leads Order Form

Listed below are the common UL10198 (300V) and UL10070 (600V) constructions in 14 AWG to 2/0. Let us know what you are interested in and we will get right back to you with a quote.

Ships within 24 hours.

*Enter a quantity next to the product(s) you would like us to quote. Please specify length and unit of measure.

AWG NEWT P/N Color Rating Quantity
14 N30-36T-566-R012UC1G Black 600V
14 N30-36T-566-R011UC2G White 600V
12 N30-36T-617-R02-2UC1 Black 600V
12 N30-36T-617-R2-3UC1 Red 600V
12 N30-36T-622-R1-2UC1G Black 300V
10 N30-36T-669-2UC1G Black 600V
10 N30-36T-669-3UC1G Red 600V
10 N30-36T-669-1UC2 White 600V
10 N30-36T-673-2UC1G Black 300V
10 N30-36T-673-3UC1G Red 300V
8 N30-36T-731-2UC1G Black 600V
8 N30-36T-737-2UC1 Black 300V
8 N30-36T-737-3UC1G Red 300V
6 N40-36T-767-2UC1 Black 600V
6 N30-36T-775-2UC1G Black 300V
4 N40-36T-764-R01-2UC1 Black 600V
4 N30-36T-776-2UC1 Black 300V
2 N40-36T-822-2UC1 Black 600V
1/0 N30-36T-857-2UC1 Black 300V
2/0 N40-36T-870-2UC1 Black 300V
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