Litz Wire Custom Options

Insulated Litz Wire | Extruded Litz Wire | Litz wireNew England Wire Technologies has extensive experience with standard formed and round Litz wire as well as Litz wire out of custom materials and insulations. For example, we have produced Litz wire with thin flat cores with 48 AWG and finer wire to increase aspect ratios dramatically in order to meet demanding application requirements. We have also designed and manufactured a Litz wire from oxidized aluminum strand and another utilizing several hundred silver plated copper strands—each individually glass braided. Yet another construction utilized ceramic strands for extreme ambient temperature conditions. Several Litz wire constructions have been produced that utilize special insulations from tapes required for insulation systems, like Nomex®, mica and TufQUIN™ or extruded with fluoropolymer, TPE, silicone rubber and PEEK or served with Nylon or PTFE thread. Constructions with mixed strand sizes to increase density and large AWG multifilar constructions have all been designed and manufactured at New England Wire. These have all been developed in conjunction with our customer, in many cases to enable technology or extend capability or efficiency.

Custom Magnet Wire Materials

New England Wire works closely with its suppliers and leverages its own expertise to provide magnet wire materials that meet the needs of the specific applications. We routinely supply Litz wire constructions using magnet wires with standard NEMA and IEC enamels. We have also designed and manufactured Litz wire, both rounded and shaped, using bondable, fluoropolymer coated, ceramic or glass fiber magnet wire. Click here for more information on magnet wire films.

A Multitude of Insulation Options – Extruded, Taped, Braided or Served

We understand that there are many different insulation systems and have long standing relationships with magnet wire, tape and textile suppliers as well as test labs and agencies. Drawing on our diverse capabilities we can accommodate the development, prototype, test and manufacture of insulated Litz wire products to meet your specific requirements.

Custom Options 

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