Miniature & Micro-miniature Coaxial Cable

Miniature & Micro-miniature Coaxial CableNew England Wire Technologies manufactures a wide variety of coaxial type cables, from custom designed cables to industry standard RG type coaxes. Coax applications vary widely from large CATV cables, to ultra-small medical camera cables. Anywhere a cable needs to be matched with a transmission system, New England Wire can offer a solution to meet the need. Whether it is a typical 50 ohm coax or some other custom designed system, we design and test a cable to perfectly match the impedance and loss needs of any system. Test capabilities include frequency analysis up to 40 Ghz, attenuation measurements, impedance measurements, low noise testing and a range of other electrical tests.

Custom designs can accommodate any of our materials. For the center conductor: copper or copper alloy, copper clad steel or steel center conductors, solid, stranded, bunched or rope-lay based on the AWG size. Dielectric materials are typically a polyolefin or fluoropolymer either foamed or solid. Polyolefin materials are a good choice for low cost, low temperature applications, while fluoropolymer materials offer a higher temperature rating and slightly better performance at increased cost. Foamed dielectric materials in either polyolefin or fluoropolymer offer superior electrical performance and decreased dielectric thickness over solid equivalents. Coaxial shielding can be comprised of either wire or foil tape. Wire shields can be either spiral or braid and made from copper or copper alloy for electrical conductivity or steel for an armored design. Combinations of these shields can be used in any order to achieve specific design parameters: flexibility, percent shield coverage, durability, ease of terminating, etc. Coax jackets materials are chosen to suite the desired application: PVC, TPU, TPE, polyolefin, fluoropolymer, or silicone.

Coaxes can be designed for impedance or capacitance. Typical values are 50 ohms, 75 ohms or 30 pf/ft. They can range in size from 32-24 AWG for miniature coaxes and larger up to 1/0 for high power applications. Some of the larger high power coaxes have a center conductor made from Litz wire strand to reduce AC losses, used for interconnecting high frequency, high powered devices.

Some coaxes use our NEWtral coating to reduce triboelectic noise and are especially suited for applications where small signal measurements are critical.

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