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Custom OptionsNew England Wire Technologies is well known as a manufacturer of high-quality braided products. We have the technical expertise and precision manufacturing capability to provide custom braids to meet your specific application’s requirements. 

Insulated Braids

Flat and round braids with extruded insulations for use as ground straps and flat power leads. Typical insulation materials include PVC, TPE, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, ETFE, FEP, PFA, and Silicone Rubber.

Single Thickness Braids

Non-tubular braids that are half the thickness of standard flat braids including AA59569 used in applications requiring a flat braid of minimum thickness.

Flat Wire Braids

Used for custom low-loss coaxes, miniature coaxes, and braid-reinforced tubing products, flat wire braids are typically manufactured with plated or unplated copper and various stainless steels.

Braid Reinforced Tubing

By utilizing NEWTC’s core strengths of thin walled extrusions and fine wire braiding, our subsidiary, New England Catheter, can provide custom single or multi-lumen braid reinforced tubing products that are cut to length and designed for your specific application, whether that be for medical or non-medical use. Aramid or stainless steel linear members may be incorporated to provide additional axial strength.

Endoscope and Catheter Braids 

High quality stainless steel braids of various materials and tempers for use as reinforcement in endoscope body or bending section. Catheter braids are used for reinforcement by our customers that are using catheter reflow technology to manufacture catheter tubing. Variable pick braiding can also be supplied.

Textile Braids

Commonly applied over Litz Wire and Formed Cables constructions to provide protection from abrasion, textile braids can be manufactured from various textiles such as nylon, polyester, cotton, and aramid.

Monofilament Braids

Plastic monofilament braids are used to produce low-capacitance, high-end audio cables and for mechanical protection of multiconductor cables in lieu of an extruded jacket. Monofilament braids are also used to reinforce medical tubing products used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) applications.

Type 7 Litz Wire

These litz wire constructions feature individually insulated wires braided together and formed into a rectangular profile. These constructions can be provided with an outer insulation of textile yarn, tape, and single or multiple-layers of extruded compounds.

Toll Braids

New England Wire will accept customer-supplied core for overbraiding with copper, stainless steel, copper alloys, monofilament, various textiles or other metals. 

Special Configurations

These are a few of our most common braid configurations; however we are always up for a challenge!

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