Ribbon Cables and Zip Cords

Ribbon Cables and Zip CordsUsed in industrial appliances and medical devices, ribbon cables are made by jacketing multiple legs in a single extrusion process creating a cable of high single dimension flexibility that has easily separated sub-components.

In many medical applications ribbon cables are used to combine conductors and tubing together for a single device to avoid the possibility of tubes being crimped or pinched in a standard cabling operation.

Ribbon Cables are also used in many worn application such as headphones and other devices which take advantage of their improved flexibility, reduced size and easy separation.


New England Wire has the capability to manufacture ribbon cables with nearly all of our extrudable materials.

  • Standard PVC is a very reasonably priced plastic that can be used as a flexible material with good flame retardency
  • Polyurethane is an excellent option for cables that will have to withstand large amounts of mechanical abuse
  • TPE can be used as a cost effective alternative in applications requiring improved flexibility over PVC
  • Ribbon cable made with Silicone Rubber are the most flexible option offered with temperature ratings as high as 200°C
  • For applications requiring advanced chemical resistance or higher voltages, ETFE can be used

Using advanced fluid modeling techniques, custom tooling is designed and machined for each product. These custom toolings also allow for extremely precise dimensional control as well as guaranteeing the highest possible quality with excellent repeatability.

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Ribbon Cables and Zip Cords

Ribbon Cables and Zip Cords