300 C Insulation
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    Thanks to the expertise of our people and the true vertical integration of our manufacturing approach, we can ensure that your design-to-market curve is the shortest in the industry. We design and build most of our own equipment and tooling, so we can offer a level of manufacturing agility that yields custom wire and cable products of exceptionally high quality in remarkably fast time frames.

Design Development AssistanceDesign Development Assistance

We welcome all opportunities to assist in the design, development, testing and manufacture of custom wire and cable products.
Custom Color Matching and PrintingCustom Color Matching and Printing
In addition to providing exact color match in our development lab we also offer a complete range of printing services to imprint your custom cable.
Drawing and PlatingDrawing and Plating
We draw and plate the majority of our conductor material in-house. Our drawing capabilities allow us to draw 5/16 inch rod wire down to 56 AWG and tin, silver and nickel plating is performed on-site.
Parylene CoatingParylene Coating
Our newly developed, proprietary process for applying a non-contaminating parylene coating to insulated cables offers customers an ultra-flexible, tack-free alternative to talc and other release agent.
Bunching and CablingBunching and Cabling
Our fine-wire technology enables the manufacturing of uninsulated strands and rope-lay cables in various gauge sizes and conductor materials.
Custom Coil CordsCustom Coil Cords
We manufacture silicone rubber jacketed and other specialty, low-volume, Coil Cords in our New Hampshire plant. Most other coil cords and cable assemblies are referred to our subsidiary. Call to discuss your specific project.
Braiding and ShieldingBraiding and Shielding
High-quality custom braids and shields call for a high degree of technical expertise, precision manufacturing equipment, and short lead times – all core strengths of New England Wire Technologies.
Hybrid ConfigurationsHybrid Configurations
We specialize in combining dissimilar components to manufacture a custom cable to suite your specific requirements..
Taping and ServingTaping and Serving
Our huge stock inventories insure a short lead time for your custom product cable manufactured to meet the specific requirements of your application. 
Toll OrdersToll Orders
We’re happy to accept and work with your material for special projects.
Our wide range of extrusion capabilities and large inventory of insulation material allow us to offer a multitude of custom cable solutions. From a dielectric layer of <.001" to a cable with an overall diameter of >4 inches.
Medical BraidingMedical Braiding
We use fine or flat wire in all tempers, high-strength fiber and monofilaments to produce custom medical braids.
Our on-site testing facilities are among the finest in the industry. Seasoned technicians in our state-of-the-art lab can test cables according to a wide range of specifications.
Custom Reinforced TubingCustom Reinforced Tubing
Braid or spiral reinforced or linear strength members; we manufacture tubing to meet your performance characteristics.
Custom Profiles and FormingCustom Profiles and Forming

We offer a wide variety of custom-shaped cables as well as formed, or compacted, cables with copper densities as high as ninety percent.
Tradename ProductsTradename Products
Our trade name products are designed to cover a broad spectrum of high-performance applications, each with its own unique characteristics.