NEWcel® Foamed Dielectrics

NEWcel® is a closed-cell foamed dielectric material specifically designed to reduce dielectric constant and dissipation factor yielding low-capacitance, low-loss, high V.O.P. ultraminiature coaxial, triaxial, and twinaxial offerings.

Air is a near perfect dielectric medium allowing a signal to propagate through it at approximately the speed of light. However, an air dielectric is impractical for use as cable insulation as it provides no structural integrity. Thus, manufacturers have to resort to using materials with higher dielectric constants (lower propagation velocity) to meet physical restrictions.

NEWcel® is the perfect solution. Typical coaxial, triaxial, and twinaxial cables are manufactured using low dielectric constant (2.0-2.6) materials that possess inherently better electrical properties than standard insulation material such as PVC. Using highly controlled extrusion processes, these materials are foamed yielding a dielectric medium with a high air concentration. The result of this process is a significantly reduced dielectric constant (1.43-1.75) that approaches the nearly ideal properties of air without sacrificing structural integrity. This results in a significant capacitance reduction while providing the customer with the choice of reduced diameter/same attenuation or same diameter/reduced attenuation.

Product Advantages:

  • Reduces Attenuation
  • Reduces Cable Size
  • Reduces Capacitance
  • Wide Temperature Range

  NEWCel vs Solid Dieletric

 A comparison of the propagation velocity of a signal through NEWcel® and equivalent solid dielectric materials.


An estimated percent decrease in dielectric diameter resulting from switching to NEWcel® from equivalent solid dielectric materials if the characteristic impedance is constant.



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