Custom Reinforced Tubing

Custom Reinforced TubingOur subsidiary, New England Catheter works with clients to custom design products based on the unique product performance characteristics required. Braid reinforced tubing, lubricious lined catheter shafts and tubing that utilizes conductors or linear strength members are examples of products we manufacture using our advanced extrusion expertise and extensive in-house wire processing capabilities. We specialize in the design and manufacture of thin-wall tight tolerance extrusion, multi-lumen braided tubing and tubing with layers of thermoplastic resins bonded to layers of fluoropolymer resins. Round or flat stainless steel wire, high strength fiber materials, plastic monofilament and a number of other materials can be used as the braided reinforcement component of most tubing products.

New England Catheter has manufactured tubing as small as .035 OD up to 1.00 OD using fluoropolymers, nylon, polyurethane, Pebax®, polyethylene, PVC and most other thermoplastic compounds. We stock stainless steel wire from .0015 to .010 in diameter and flat wire from .001x.002 to .003x.012 in hard and soft tempers for braiding using 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 48 carriers.

Our products have been used in almost every arena of medical projects: anesthesiology, angiography, angioplasty, biopsy devices, cardiovascular, dental, endoscopy, neurology and pain management to name a few. We are proud to have the most extensive braiding and wire handling capabilities to be found at a catheter manufacturer anywhere. Call our design staff at New England Catheter at 603-838-2261 or visit to get started on your project.

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