Bunching and Cabling

Bunching and CablingNew England Wire Technologies manufactures a broad range of flexible cables and strands which are used primarily in our specialty single and multiconductor cables, however uninsulated products are also sold—usually for motor brush leads, circuit breaker shunts and flexible bus bar.

Strands and cables are typically made of bare or tinned copper wire but strands and cables for special purposes can be manufactured using silver-plated copper, pure silver, nickel-plated copper, pure nickel, stainless steel, Monel® or bronze as well as other metals and alloys.

Bunching is a high speed operation that allows for large number of ends to be assembled quickly by wrapping ends together, commonly in a non-planetary operation. In a bunch each end has no definite place to occupy in the final construction, as a result ends can (and will) shift and float freely. This allows for a non-concentric number of ends to be used and improves the packing density in comparison to stranding or cabling.

A wide number of ends can be bunched in a single operation, ranging from 46 AWG twisted pairs up to a hundred and fifty ends. Even larger numbers can be achieved through multiple bunching operations.

Stranding, is however, performed on a semi-planetary cabler. These machines impart little to no twist into wire making it an excellent option for applications that require high strength or low elongation alloys.

Cabling: Fully Planetary Cablers rotate each spool of wire as it is cabled adding no additional twist into the wire. This improves cable flexibility, reduces cable memory and improves the overall aesthetics of the final product. Planetary cablers are used for cabling both large un-insulated rope lays and large insulated multi-conductors.

Whether insulated single or multiconductor cable or uninsulated wire…bunched, stranded or cabled, we have a solution for you!

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